Empty Hessian Flood Bags电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

These flood bags are manufactured in woven Hessian cloth which is a biodegradable material. These bags can be filled with fine sand to give an excellent solution to flooding.

Erne Durite电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

The Erne Durite 8-12mm mix is the perfect to make your house or walls to stand out when used as a dry dashing.

Erriff Slate 40mm - 60mm电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

Erriff Slate Mulch is a chunkier size of plum slate, especially good for ground cover and rockeries. May have a few blue pieces in for a natural open-textured finish. Suitable for drives or paths with a good coarse texture whilst packed down firmly. It is recycled from the Welsh slate stockpiles, the colour can vary, but its variation is what makes this slate special.

Flamingo 14-20mm电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

Flamingo Chippings (14-20mm) A natural mix of light pink, cream, white and grey angular marble chipping, which will brighten up any feature with its eye-catching colour variation and sparkle due to its marble properties, be it around flower beds, plants or pathways. This chipping changes to a beautiful deeper tone once wet.

Flamingo Pebbles 20-50mm电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

Flamingo Pebble (20-50mm) A natural mix of light pink, cream, white and grey tumbled pebbles, have a smooth easy edge finish on the stone, which give off a subtle sparkle due to their marble properties. These pebbles are ideal for around landscape features, rockeries, water features and plant pots.

Glenealy Gold Chip 14mm电子竞技押注,lol电竞投注,lol电竞投注公司

Glenealy Gold chip is the perfect way to transform your Driveway, footpaths and garden. The attractive and easy to use Gold, green and brown chip is ideal to separate landscaped areas and add colour in your garden. This chip can be used in your flower beds or as plant pot toppings which will reduce your weed growth and maintenance significantly.